4 Reasons Companies Use Precision Swiss Screw Machined Parts

While there are endless reasons why companies across varying industries rely on precision Swiss screw machined parts to build things we use each day to make our lives easier, there are four we want to highlight as key components that have given manufacturing Swiss Screw machined parts the strong reputation it has today.


Parts for medical, industrial,  aerospace and military applications leave very little room for error, and the importance of every part working consistently is crucial for completing a life-saving medical procedure or implementing a counter-measure 30,000 ft in the air moving at Mach 2. Swiss screw machined parts are reliable in any situation and perform at the highest standards.

Swiss Screw Machined Parts Industry


The window for parts to operate continues to shrink as technological advancements push industries to produce smaller and more powerful components. At Sheldon Precision, we combine the accuracy of our CNC Swiss screw machines with our highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce to produce precision parts from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of ± .0002″. Each part is made to the exact specifications to ensure the end-product surpasses expectations.

CNC Machining partsScale

Swiss Screw parts can be manufactured for orders that exceed 5 million parts, making mass-scale production efficiency and accountable to companies looking for large quantities of Swiss screw parts for devices. Escomatic, Tornos, Star CNC, Milling & Secondary Equipment, Advanced Inspection Systems can produce parts for many different industries.


Quality is a top priority during the Swiss Screw manufacturing process, and it is supported by our TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registrations.  The quality of Swiss Screw machined parts is managed  with a combination of laser inspection, automated gauging, and automated sorting and inspection systems.