Accuracy, Precision and Quality

Swiss Screw Machining Accuracy

Sheldon Precision is an independent manufacturing company focused on producing even the most challenging and complex Swiss screw machined parts. While our clients rely on our leading edge technology to make those parts, they value our Swiss machining know-how even more.

Accuracy, precision, quality and dependability are hallmarks of the components Sheldon Precision manufactures across a multitude of industries. Furthermore, quality standards are consistently met for our clients, regardless of project volume.

In doing so, we utilize modern CNC machining to produce accurate and reliable components used in many aerospace applications. State of the art machinery and skilled operators create our precise components from a variety of materials including aluminum and titanium.

From minute components to large, complex assemblies, quality is maintained from start to finish. The combination of experience, knowledge and advanced equipment allows our company to complete the project successfully.

Clients turn to us to complete projects, we do just that with more than 45 Sheldon Precision associates who apply their experience and expertise to produce precisely what customers need, operating two shifts per day, six days a week.