Swiss Screw Machining originated in Switzerland in the late 1800’s for the manufacturing of precision parts for the Swiss watch industry, Swiss screw machining has evolved into a precision machining technology that produces critical parts and components for many industries and applications across the globe.

swiss screw machining parts made with precisionSince 1969, we’ve devoted time and detail to every Swiss screw machining project manufactured in our shop, earning our reputation for superior quality products and service.

Utilizing the combination of CNC and cam driven Swiss screw machines, we can manufacture high and low volume precise machined parts for clients. Our Swiss screw machine shop features more than 45 highly skilled workers who apply their expertise to manufacture complex precise components from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of ± .0002″. Our machine shop produces these high-quality precise parts from materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, and titanium.

swiss screw machined partsOur Swiss screw machine shop currently works with clients varying in size and budgets across the United States. Moreover, we have experience and knowledge to manufacture precise Swiss screw machined parts for medical, military/defense, aerospace, electronics, automotive and control valve industries.

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