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Driving Precision

Swiss screw machining keeps pace with changing automotive industry. From electric vehicles to self-driving technologies, the automotive industry is constantly changing, fueled by innovations that keep the pedal to the metal for new products. That’s why more and more manufacturers are adding and keeping Swiss screw technology as a critical part of their production toolbox… Read more »

Technology takes off

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Rapid innovation in the aerospace industry means soaring demand for high precision components Air travel is returning to pre-pandemic levels. New aircraft orders from airlines and the military signal continued growth and investment in engine and plane designs to increase fuel efficiency. A shift from global to more regional sourcing aims to streamline the design… Read more »

Team Quality

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Swiss screw technology and quality control specialists pursue perfection on every job. First, Swiss screw machining delivers superior precision for critical components due to the exceptional stability of the bar stock in the Swiss screw manufacturing process.  Next, a state-of-the-art quality control department inspects the finished components in a rigorous process combining best practices and… Read more »

Customer Driven

A commitment to exceed customer expectations – the difference at Sheldon Sheldon Precision operates one of the most advanced Swiss screw machine shops in the industry. But all the high technology in the world won’t deliver a competitive advantage without the customer service to back it up. That is the difference at Sheldon. Our clients include leading… Read more »

The History of Screw Machining and Equipment

A screw machine is a type of lathe used for the precise shaping of hard materials (usually metal) into specially designed components. Typically, this equipment works by rotating a workpiece at high speeds and allowing it to be operated on by various changeable cutting tools. Screw Machine might be a misleading term for this machine… Read more »

Precision Machining at Sheldon Precision

Precision machining is a process used to remove material from a workpiece while holding close tolerance finishes. It is a type of machining that shapes large pieces and sometimes small pieces of material into smaller complex parts so they fit exactly where they need to be to perform a specific task. At Sheldon Precision, we… Read more »

Swiss Screw Machining Parts in the Electronic Industry

Many of the devices we use today are manufactured with intentions of making our lives easier. Devices included are electronic, telecommunications, and wireless products – and require precise components as parts continue to shrink over time. As society’s electronic capabilities expand and technological advancements push on, the demand for manufacturing swiss screw parts that have intricate roles with… Read more »

Prototyping With CNC Swiss Screw Machines

Originally developed in Switzerland to manufacture watch parts, Swiss screw machines have taken great leaps in production, quality and efficiency. For example, prototypes for clients are manufactured with integrity during the prototype process that can reach a demand of 10,000 prototype pieces. Designing high quality prototypes through CNC Swiss Screw machines can cut time during… Read more »

Swiss Screw Machining in the Medical Industry

Medical Industry In the medical industry doctors must complete surgeries and diagnose patients with unparalleled precision – and with the recent technological advances in the medical field, doctors now possess powerful machines which help treat, cure and save lives. Some of the most complex, yet important, machinery being used today is medically focused. Machining devices… Read more »

Swiss Screw Machining: Controls and Valves Industry

Valve components possess the power to redirect and high amounts of pressure. Valves are a vital component in many machines used today and we have the skill to manufacture valve component parts such as probes, flanges and enclosures. Sheldon Precision has the experience and expertise to manufacture a wide range of complex components required for… Read more »