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What Does 2021 Hold for Swiss Precision CNC Manufacturing?

2020 was a strange and difficult year for individuals and business.  In precision manufacturing, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on new challenges and resulted in advances in manufacturing. Workforce reductions and restriction have placed greater emphasis on computer-aided manufacturing and automation.  While some aspects of precision manufacturing such as planning, engineering and programming can carry… Read more »

What is Swiss Type Machining?

 Manufacturers in many industries are recognizing the benefits of Swiss style tools such as cutting costs and being more efficient.  A number of industries are starting to now use Swiss type machining.  The durable goods industry has discovered that Swiss-lathes are highly beneficial and help improve output.   The electronics and medical industries are becoming more… Read more »

What is an Escomatic Machine?

In the 1940’s, Willy Rosetti, a Swiss parts maker, had a problem with a burr on a watch part he was trying to produce.  Conventional radial-fed cut-off tools that he was using generated the burr that needed to be filed off.  Willy came up with a new turning concept that we now know as Esco,… Read more »

Swiss-Style Turning: The Prescription for Medical Parts Manufacturing

Medical component manufacturing requires a machine flexible in its design that it can create any geometric shape that can be conceived.  Swiss-style lathes represent a key process for manufacturing many medical parts.  Bone screws are one type of medical component that uses Swiss machines.  This is due to the productivifty of the machines and ultimately… Read more »

How Swiss Screw Machines Work

Screw machines are automated lathes which can machine turned parts.  The machine components spin very quickly on a rotating lathe, which shaves down metal to the size desired.  There are two types of screw machines: Turret and Swiss machine.  The Turret, also known as. Brown & Sharpe after its first manufacturer, mounts the workpiece on… Read more »

How CNC Machining Plays a Critical Role in US Military Weapons Systems

Sheldon Precision is proud to support the mission of the US military by manufacturing precision machined parts using state-of-the-art CNC equipment and engineering. The precision offered by Swiss CNC machinery is critical to achieving the highest in quality standards and adhering to extremely tight tolerances required for military applications. Sheldon Precision inventory of Swiss screw… Read more »

Using Swiss-type Machines to Manufacture Medical Components

The latest machining technology should be used in your warehouses and workshops to accurately create medical components.  Swiss-style lathes are a great combination of precision and repeatability due to their guide-bushing design, which provides support for the workpieces very close to the cut. Most businesses recognize that the US medical market offers more opportunities for… Read more »

The History of Screw Machining and Equipment

A screw machine is a type of lathe used for the precise shaping of hard materials (usually metal) into specially designed components. Typically, this equipment works by rotating a workpiece at high speeds and allowing it to be operated on by various changeable cutting tools. Screw Machine might be a misleading term for this machine… Read more »

Supporting Our Troops With Swiss Screw Machinery

The defense industry relies heavily on Swiss Screw machined parts. Our machines provide a cost-effective way to produce various parts used in the creation of various military equipment. From small rifles to larger military equipment such as missiles and ships, Swiss Screw machined parts are vital for the protection of the armed forces and national… Read more »

From Turret Lathe to Modern Day Swiss Screw Machine

While Sheldon Precision has been manufacturing precision machined components since 1969, Swiss Screw Machining dates way back to the mid-1800s. In America, Joseph R Brown patented a machine for cutting spills and coined the term “screw machine”. His screw machine was an improvement on the turret lathe, a machine used to make several tools at… Read more »