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Sheldon Precision: Automotive Industry Certified

The TS 16949 certification is the global quality management standard for the automotive industry and Sheldon Precision operates one of the few TS 16949 certified Swiss screw machine shops in the world. As an automotive-specific certification, Sheldon Precision has met, and exceeded the quality management service requirements for the design and production of automotive products…. Read more »

The Power of Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss Screw Machines are automatic turning machines which design and produce turn parts frequently used in the medical, IT, consumer electronic, and military and defense industries. There are two types of Swiss screw machines, CNC and automatic. While both possess the power to produce turned parts at a high rate, CNC machines offer a more detailed… Read more »

Accuracy, Precision and Quality

Sheldon Precision is an independent manufacturing company focused on producing even the most challenging and complex Swiss screw machined parts. While our clients rely on our leading edge technology to make those parts, they value our Swiss machining know-how even more. Accuracy, precision, quality and dependability are hallmarks of the components Sheldon Precision manufactures across… Read more »

Welcome to Sheldon Precision

Formerly part of Curtis Screw Company, Sheldon Precision is now an independent manufacturing company with nearly 50 years of experience and expertise in Swiss Screw Machining.