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Firearms and Defense Applications

Precision in production is paramount, especially in industries like firearms manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and defense systems. Every component, whether for small arms or advanced weaponry, demands accuracy and reliability. This is where Swiss screw machine technology plays a crucial role. Manufacturing and design engineers, along with purchasing and quality managers, should focus on Swiss screw… Read more »

Powerful Demand

Swiss screw components meet requirements for superior precision in telecommunications, electronics, and advanced manufacturing applications. From satellites to semiconductor devices to technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) used in advanced manufacturing, the demand for precision electronic components continues to soar. New innovations are introduced at super-fast speeds and technologies such as artificial intelligence… Read more »

Skills and Technology in Sync

Sheldon Precision’s superior quality results from skilled people working with the latest Swiss screw technology Sheldon Precision places the latest Swiss screw machining technology in the hands of experienced and skilled tradespeople to deliver super quality and precision for critical parts and components. A perfect example of such technology are the Tornos Swiss type machines… Read more »

Swiss-Style Turning: The Prescription for Medical Parts Manufacturing

Medical component manufacturing requires a machine flexible in its design that it can create any geometric shape that can be conceived.  Swiss-style lathes represent a key process for manufacturing many medical parts.  Bone screws are one type of medical component that uses Swiss machines.  This is due to the productivifty of the machines and ultimately… Read more »

CNC Machining & Swiss Screws in the Electronics Industry

There is a large demand for speed and efficiency in much of todays’ industries. Manufacturing technology will need to continue to advance in order to meet such high demands. Both CNC Machines and Swiss screw machines can craft parts for the ever changing and advancing electronics market as devices get smaller and smaller. Sheldon Precision… Read more »

The History of Screw Machining and Equipment

A screw machine is a type of lathe used for the precise shaping of hard materials (usually metal) into specially designed components. Typically, this equipment works by rotating a workpiece at high speeds and allowing it to be operated on by various changeable cutting tools. Screw Machine might be a misleading term for this machine… Read more »

How Swiss Screw Machining Benefits Businesses

Businesses within aerospace, military, and automotive industries, often require high volume, precise parts to build planes, cars and radar systems. To function, these machines often need hundreds – at times – thousands of precise parts to work in harmony.  On the surface, manufacturing a functioning machine with various parts can be costly. However, relying on… Read more »

4 Reasons Companies Use Precision Swiss Screw Machined Parts

While there are endless reasons why companies across varying industries rely on precision Swiss screw machined parts to build things we use each day to make our lives easier, there are four we want to highlight as key components that have given manufacturing Swiss Screw machined parts the strong reputation it has today. Reliability Parts for medical, industrial,  aerospace… Read more »