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Engineering Precision

Experienced engineers maximize advantages of Swiss screw machine technology. Swiss screw technology provides superior precision in manufacturing components for applications in aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and a wide range of other industries. A manufacturer with an experienced engineering and customer service staff can make Swiss screw machining even better. Sheldon Precision operates one of the… Read more »

Air speed

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Rapid innovation in the aerospace industry means soaring demand for high precision components. Innovation in the aerospace industry is a non-stop flight of new technologies in commercial air travel and now, more than ever, space exploration. Private companies such as SpaceX are introducing new ways for private citizens to travel in space. NASA is working… Read more »

Precision Swiss Screw Machine – Medical Device

Health benefits Medical device components made with Precision Swiss Screw Machines meet the highest standards of health care industry The medical device industry faces ever-increasing challenges as manufacturers produce ever more complex products and equipment. These manufacturers often make the life-saving products that medical professionals and patients rely on every day, from ventilators and syringes… Read more »

New Heights – Precision Swiss Screw Machined Components Meet High Standards of Aerospace Applications

industries CNC Swiss Screw Machining

The aerospace industry has come a long way since the Wright brothers built their first aircraft with wood, fabric and wire. Today’s aerospace components require absolute precision with the tightest tolerances of any industry – and no room for error.  Safety, of course, is the most important factor in the design and manufacture of aerospace… Read more »

Precision Swiss Screw Machined Components are Critical in the Electronics Industry

    Parts and components manufactured using Swiss screw machinery are found in a wide variety of industries. Today, the electronics industry relies heavily on precision Swiss screw machined components as technology continues to develop. As devices continue to become smaller and smaller, critical internal components must also become more compact and precise. Swiss screw… Read more »

Uses for Swiss Screw Machined Components in the Medical Industry

In order to complete intricate surgeries and diagnose patients with complex health complications, the medical industry relies heavily on advanced technology. Each day, just as there are constant discoveries in the medical field, technological advancements in medical devices allow doctors and surgeons to continue to push boundaries in their specialties and provide a higher level… Read more »