CNC Machining Projected To Be $100 Billion Industry by 2025

Recently, an increasing number of factories and production facilities have adopted CNC lathes as their tool of choice.  Experts expect the global CNC machine market to grow to $100.9 billion in value, an annual growth rate of 6.8%.

Lathe machines held a significant leading share of more than 27% in 2016.  Due to features such as reduced time requirements and multi functionality, industry analysts predict the milling machines segment to see a compound annual growth rate of an estimated 9.5%.  Through 2025, CNC Machining will likely continue to dominate this area of the market reaching and expected valuation of $25.17 billion. 

One of the most common prototype production methods, CNC machines operate automated tools using computer-programming inputs.  CNC machinery manufacturing is growing rapidly due to:

  • – Reducing operating costs
  • – Using manpower more efficiently
  • – Avoiding errors in manufacturing

CNC machining has many advantages in the manufacturing industry.  Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD) in product design and prototyping enhances manufacturers’ ability to create and deliver high-precision components on time.  This drives growth in learning about CNC machinery and adoption because CNC equipment reduces operating costs and improves the efficiency of mass production.  CNC machines allow accuracy when carving complex shapes such as diagonals and curves and the demand has become high with the rise of CAD, CAM and CNC software advancements. 

CNC machine operators save time between design and production which improves a facility’s capabilities and increases revenue.  CNC machinery provides more precise detailing than 3D printers and can work with a wider range of materials.  With improved production capacity, better quality and precision, CNC machines are the machine manufacturers should be using to help support a wide range of industries. 

Automotive, electronics, defense/intelligence, aerospace, healthcare and industrial manufacturers all benefit from the use of CNC lathes.  Though maintenance and services costs may be high and can somewhat affect adoption to the machine, reduced production costs and versatility of where you can use CNC machines can create significant growth opportunities.  

CNC lathes decrease time requirements in a fast paced production environment.  Production facilities are finding more use for CNC machines in their factories and are finding that quality precision and reduced labor costs will benefit production and

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