CNC Machining & Swiss Screws in the Electronics Industry

There is a large demand for speed and efficiency in much of todays’ industries. Manufacturing technology will need to continue to advance in order to meet such high demands. Both CNC Machines and Swiss screw machines can craft parts for the ever changing and advancing electronics market as devices get smaller and smaller.

Sheldon Precision meets the demands of the electronics industry with cost-efficient production and long or short run capabilities with the intricate parts in electronic screw machine products.

A Swiss screw maintains stability and allows for highly precise tolerances, even in tiny, long, narrow applications. Swiss screws are built for perfect precision, even in delicate parts with demanding tolerances. This is exactly what is needed to manufacture electronics.

A CNC Machine can produce parts at high speeds, with extremely tight tolerances, over and over. CNC controllers are the ideal solution for all applications used on the electronic components market.

Next time you happen to use a small electronic device, think about how it is probably comprised of parts manufactured by Swiss Screw and CNC machines. Contact Sheldon Precision today for your custom quote at

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