Manufacturing Precise Parts through CNC Machining

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that features computer-directed machines to complete machining tasks while working with a wide range of materials. Similarly, manufacturing precision parts also means working with different materials, and different materials have different characteristics – this is when CNC machining comes into play.

For example ‘precious metals’ such as gold, silver and platinum tend to be “softer” or malleable metals, that require minute adjustments to create accurate precision parts. Comparatively, “harder” metals such as brass and copper, primarily used for conducting electricity, receive a different treatment to manufacture the precision parts. This is why CNC machining is so important in the Swiss Screw machining industry.

CNC MachiningManufacturing parts as small as a ridge on the edge of a U.S. dime requires a number of high quality components on our side. Sheldon Precision relies on CNC machining because it is more precise, and since it is implemented through a numerical code on a computer, the job will be completed to specification consistency throughout the manufacturing process and without “fatigue”, an issue that may arise in manual machining. Additionally, direction, location, and pace are monitored throughout the CNC machining process, and with knowledgable, experienced associates, we excel and Swiss precision CNC machining.

Supplying customers with the best precision machined parts is accomplished through the combination of CNC machining and cam driven Swiss Screw machines at Sheldon Precision. This is evident with the renewal of our ISO 14001 certification. A ISO 14001 certification displays a company’s responsible environmental management that promotes a cost-effective and efficient way of utilizing  tools. Furthermore, Sheldon Precision’s certification is a promise to provide the best service to our customers and a commitment to the environment – we are accountable for our environmental impact and comply with regulations and laws.