CNC Technology and Swiss Precision Machining

As a type of lathe, Swiss machines have been used for more than 100 years to manufacture with accuracy. The term “Swiss” in machining actually has more than one meaning. To some it is a type of machine, and to others it represents a product of uncommonly small size or high precision. To us at Sheldon Precision, the use of this term allows us to be absolutely certain of the meticulousness of your desired product.

Computer numerical control, also known as CNC is the self-operating control of commonly used machining tools such as drills and lathes by the use of a computer. This equipment can take any material and perform a wide range of manufacturing tasks such as cutting, or drilling that meets specifications programmed into it’s software which requires little-to-no man power.

Positioning CNC as a computer-controlled process, CNC Swiss machining has only gotten better as a unique tool and is being used in a growing number of industries and applications.

Sheldon Precision utilizes CNC technology, as well as precision machining, along with Computer Aided Manufacturing programs to produce both large and small quantities of precise parts. Our product ranges from sizes .015” to up to 1.125” in diameter. Considering the microscopic size of the product, it is crucial to use the CNC technology in order to ensure perfect accuracy of fit.

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