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Telecommunications industry calls for high precision of Swiss Screw technology to connect the world 

The telecommunications industry touches virtually every aspect of society around the globe. Cell phones. Texting. Internet. Video streaming. Teleconferencing. The high technology products that make it all possible – broadband networks, mobile communications, satellites and more – demand precision components to assure performance, reliability and accuracy. That’s where Swiss screw technology in the production of these components can play a critical role.

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In this post, we look at some of the benefits of the technology for manufacturing components used in the telecommunications industry.

Versatility – Today’s telecommunication industry utilizes everything from wire and radio, to optical and other electromagnetic systems to transmit data, audio and video. That means a wide variety of materials used to create these systems. Swiss screw machining is ideal for components made of titanium, copper, lithium, tin, silver, gold, nickel, and other high tech alloys.

Precision accuracy – So many components required in a telecommunications system demand the highest accuracy to perform to the highest standards. Terminals, such as input and output devices, processors and peripheral devices require exacting physical tolerances of the components. Swiss screw technology can meet such tolerance requirements because of exceptional stability in the manufacturing process. Simply put, Swiss screw machines better support the stock material during production. The part moves while the tooling is stationary. There is less risk of the support material moving resulting in high precision accuracy on even the smallest telecommunications component.

Efficiency – Swiss screw machines have the ability to perform three or four operations simultaneously such as cutting, drilling, and tapping, that might otherwise have to be machined separately. Even complex, intricate parts can be produced faster and with outstanding efficiency, saving time in the production schedule.

For more than 50 years, Sheldon Precision has been a leader in Swiss screw machine technology. As an independent manufacturer, we can produce the most challenging and complex Swiss screw machine products for your telecommunications components.

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