How Swiss Screw Machining Benefits Businesses

Businesses within aerospace, military, and automotive industries, often require high volume, precise parts to build planes, cars and radar systems. To function, these machines often need hundreds – at times – thousands of precise parts to work in harmony. 

On the surface, manufacturing a functioning machine with various parts can be costly. However, relying on an experienced Swiss screw machine shop can save your business money, time, and provide unmatched quality. Below we explain the benefits of businesses utilizing this technology. 

Swiss screw machining cost

The key to Swiss screw machines efficient, cost effective process can be attributed to how the machines work.

In preparation of manufacturing orders from 100 to 10 million parts, the Swiss screw machines are first calibrated to the dimensions of the specific part, and rarely altered until the project is complete.  More specifically, high-quality precise parts from materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, and titanium, are produced with minimal adjustments throughout the manufacturing process – saving time and cutting production costs.

Additionally, utilizing a combination of CNC and cam driven Swiss screw machines will decrease manufacturing costs and maintain quality.

Swiss screw machining accuracy

Swiss screw machined medical components used for life-saving applications (medical implants, and surgical tools and machines) leave no room for error. Precise components from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter are produced time and time again without a dimensional compromise. 

Accurate parts reduce material waste, further improving the cost-effective manufacturing process.  As a TS 16949ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered company, Sheldon Precision is continuously improving the quality process for our clients.

Manufacturing accuracy is further reinforced with a series of quality protocols including; laser inspection, automated gauging, and automated sorting and inspection systems.  Working alongside machines are experienced workers who apply their expertise, operating two shifts per day, six days a week to produce precisely what customers need.

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