How CNC Machining Plays a Critical Role in US Military Weapons Systems

Sheldon Precision is proud to support the mission of the US military by manufacturing precision machined parts using state-of-the-art CNC equipment and engineering. The precision offered by Swiss CNC machinery is critical to achieving the highest in quality standards and adhering to extremely tight tolerances required for military applications.

Sheldon Precision inventory of Swiss screw machining equipment combined with our experienced team of engineers and machines is the right combination for producing components for application in weapons systems, electronics, communications systems and other systems where complex and highly precise parts are required.  Our in-house quality system monitors machinery, processes and final parts and components to meet the highest quality standards. 

As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered company, Sheldon Precision is continuously improving the quality process. Every employee is involved in quality and lives and breathes it every day on the job. This fierce commitment to quality is how we deliver precisely what you need every time.

Additionally, Sheldon Precision is able to work with a variety of materials including titanium, aluminum and stainless steel.

At Sheldon Precision, we utilize a combination of CNC and cam driven Swiss Screw machines including:

  •  Escomatic
  •  Tornos
  •  Star CNC
  •  Milling & Secondary Equipment
  •  Advanced Inspection Systems

Our experienced staff works closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and make suggestions on designs, materials and manufacturing for their specific needs.  If you are looking for more information or have a component design for quoting, contact us today at 203-758-4441 or click on the link for a quote