How Precision Machining Has Become Beneficial in Manufacturing Medical Devices

Precision machining is used in many industries including electronics, aerospace and medical.  Many medical parts and devices are manufactured by using CNC machines.  The medical device industry is made up of different medical parts including implants for reconstructing spines and for hip and knee replacements.  

You count on your medical parts to be manufactured with accuracy and precision and ultimately safe for use in your body.  Precision machining helps create the exact dimensions and sizes for the surgical tools that will be used to administer these medical parts.   Machining is also used to create the complex parts for lasers and robotics now used in surgeries.  Using these machines will create more innovations that will lead to future medical advances.  These tools require extremely small and precise parts that only CNC machining tools can make.  

These tools are used for the finest surgeries including on your heart or brain so they should be accurate, reliable and safe while they are being produced.  The materials for use in the medical world need to meet strict standards for durability, safety and non-reactiveness with the human body and the ability to be sterilized.  Precision machining allows these materials to be skillfully transformed into the detailed shapes and sizes needed for specific medical applications and devices.  Many of these pieces are permanently implanted into people and need to be smooth and tight to eliminate any reactions in your body such as being rigid and scratching.   CNC precision machines are ideal for making these parts ensuring that every part is identical and fits together for optimum function.  

Insulin pumps, heart monitors and defibrillators are medical implants that save lives every day.  As medical parts have evolved and machines have advanced, over time medical designs have been become smaller and more precise.  This includes the casing and cables for these parts.  The implants can now be placed inside the body, allowing those people who need these implants to be able to live a normal life.   

Precision machining allows certain medical devices to be custom designed for a more personalized fit.  This is extremely important for prosthetics such as artificial limbs, knees and implants like defibrillators which needs to fit each person’s needs.  Precision machining is used to create and design custom parts along with being cost effective.  Designs are inputted to the computer controls and parts can be quickly and accurately made for small or larger runs.  

Precision machining has contributed so much to advance in the medical industry and will continue to evolve and be an important part of this industry moving forward.  The medical industry counts on Sheldon Precision for our expertise, quality and attention to detail. Contact us today for a custom quote at