How Swiss Screw Machining has changed the medical industry

As medical devices shrink, Swiss screw technology offers big advantages

Today’s medical devices such as pacemakers and implantable units continue to get smaller and smaller as manufacturers focus on improving the patient experience. Often, these devices require very complex, small parts requiring exacting precision not attainable by traditional production methods. 

Other products such as hand-held medical devices, sensors, and pumps require superior quality and reliability. Swiss screw technology delivers the remedy and can change the way medical device manufacturers think about product design. Here are just a few advantages of Swiss Screw machining for the medical industry.

Keeping pace with innovation – Swiss screw machining offers the capabilities to produce components for the medical industry that could not be done before. The technology – that traces its roots to making small internal parts for the watch industry – now keeps pace with medical innovations including more complex part geometries, faster production requirements, and unquestionable quality. 

Flexibility and efficiency – In the rapidly changing medical environment, device manufacturers are constantly bringing products to market faster. Swiss screw machines can be used for both research and development as well as high-volume production, enabling manufacturers and their contracting partners to quickly turnaround prototypes to the production of precision components.

Medical materials – Many medical devices require high strength, high reliability materials such as titanium. Other materials such as alloy, cobalt chromium and nickel can be very difficult to machine. Swiss technology can be equipped with the right tooling, and can accommodate the feed rates and speeds, for the stability, rigidity, and precision these materials require.

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