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Swiss Screw technology enhances defensive weapons, firearms, and guidance systems in military applications

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The United States defense sector is on the cutting edge of military technology, producing state-of-the-art equipment for land, sea, and air use. These military applications demand the highest precision and exacting tolerances from the components that go into defensive weapons, guidance systems, and other technology used by our armed forces.

Swiss screw technology helps military suppliers answer the call.

  • One of the top advantages of Swiss screw machining is better support for all stock material. This is because the part moves while the tooling is stationary. The result is reduced risk of the support material moving and superior accuracy of the component.

Swiss style tools also use a process called guide bushing which enhances rigidity, thus producing superior tolerances military components demand.

Swiss style machines can handle very small parts and offer a perfect option for military components in firearms and defensive weaponry. Swiss screw can produce long runs of small, complex parts faster and more cost-effectively than traditional machines.

Swiss screw machines can make complex parts using simultaneous operations – three or four tool can cut at the same time, for unmatched efficiency.

Recent supply chain challenges impacted the defense industry just as they affected all U.S. manufacturers. Military suppliers are now putting strategies in place on how to source components and raw materials should supply disruptions continue or reoccur. Swiss screw technology aligns well with those strategies with advantages that include:

  • Even the most complex, intricate parts can be produced faster and with outstanding efficiency, saving time in the production schedule.
  • The technology offers versatility to handle the many materials required by military components including titanium, copper, lithium, tin, silver, gold, nickel, and other high-tech alloys.

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