Swiss Screw Machining: Controls and Valves Industry

Valve components possess the power to redirect and high amounts of pressure. Valves are a vital component in many machines used today and we have the skill to manufacture valve component parts such as probes, flanges and enclosures.

Sheldon Precision has the experience and expertise to manufacture a wide range of complex components required for the controls and valves industry.

Like our varying component production volumes, we have the capability to produce parts from 0.15” to 1.125 in diameter with the ability to hold tolerances of approximately .0002”.

In addition to our quality components, we have the ability and the experience to manufacture components from a wide range of materials. Our expertise and stringent quality inspection standards ensure the highest quality components can be produced using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium.

At Sheldon Precision, Swiss screw machining equips us with the power to manufacture volumes that reach 10 million parts, without compromising the quality and integrity of control and valve components.

From minute to large, complex assemblies, our skilled engineers and machinists have the ability and equipment to manufacture precisely what you need with the highest quality standards.

Sheldon Precision: Automotive Industry Certified

The TS 16949 certification is the global quality management standard for the automotive industry and Sheldon Precision operates one of the few TS 16949 certified Swiss screw machine shops in the world.

As an automotive-specific certification, Sheldon Precision has met, and exceeded the quality management service requirements for the design and production of automotive products.

In carrying the TS 16949 certification, eight quality management principles are implemented at Sheldon Precision. Those eight principles are:

Customer Focus


Involvement of people

Process approach

System approach to management

Continual improvement

Fact based decision-making

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  • Business partners recognize the quality of service provided as Sheldon Precision maintains the certification annually. Top tier supplies look to TS 16949 certified suppliers, like Sheldon Precision, to complete jobs ranging from 10 to 10 million parts.

To ensure the quality of the TS 1649 certification, The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) must audit the certified company over the three-year period of the certification. after it expires, recertification is required to maintain the integrity of the global certification.

At Sheldon Precision, the TS 16949 certification is one of many examples why we continue to exceed quality and production across the automotive industry.Swiss Screw Machining

The Power of Swiss Screw Machining

Swiss Screw Machines are automatic turning machines which design and produce turn parts frequently used in the medical, IT, consumer electronic, and military and defense industries.

There are two types of Swiss screw machines, CNC and automatic. While both possess the power to produce turned parts at a high rate, CNC machines offer a more detailed approach, and ultimately more precise turned parts.

Swiss screw machining, more specifically, CNC Swiss screw machines used at Sheldon Precision, require a great deal of direction due to the precise nature of the machine. Working alongside on a rotary slide, CNC Swiss screw machines produce precise and quality work, regardless of the volume.

Even with the additional direction required to manage the CNC machine, Swiss screw machining has the capability to feature additional sets of tools. The additional sets of tools allow the machine to perform a number of operations in a shorter amount of time without compromising the quality of work.

At Sheldon Precision, we combine the accuracy of our CNC Swiss screw machines with our highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce to produce precision parts from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of ± .0002″.

However large the order or small the part, Sheldon Precision has what it takes to deliver precisely what you need.

Accuracy, Precision and Quality

Swiss Screw Machining Accuracy

Sheldon Precision is an independent manufacturing company focused on producing even the most challenging and complex Swiss screw machined parts. While our clients rely on our leading edge technology to make those parts, they value our Swiss machining know-how even more.

Accuracy, precision, quality and dependability are hallmarks of the components Sheldon Precision manufactures across a multitude of industries. Furthermore, quality standards are consistently met for our clients, regardless of project volume.

In doing so, we utilize modern CNC machining to produce accurate and reliable components used in many aerospace applications. State of the art machinery and skilled operators create our precise components from a variety of materials including aluminum and titanium.

From minute components to large, complex assemblies, quality is maintained from start to finish. The combination of experience, knowledge and advanced equipment allows our company to complete the project successfully.

Clients turn to us to complete projects, we do just that with more than 45 Sheldon Precision associates who apply their experience and expertise to produce precisely what customers need, operating two shifts per day, six days a week.