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Swiss Screw Machines produce the precision demanded by today’s electronic components

While electronic, telecommunications, and wireless products become smaller and smaller, the demand for precise components grows bigger every year. Today’s transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors and so many other devices require tolerances that were unheard of just a few years ago. That’s why more electronics manufacturers are connecting with the benefits of Swiss screw technology for the precision and flexibility they need.

Swiss screw machines provide the capability to manufacture a wide variety of electronic components to most any size and tolerance, for high and low run volume. In this post, we look at some of the benefits of the technology for electronic component manufacturing.

Smaller components with tighter tolerances – Accuracy and stability of microelectronics and miniature components is critical to product performance. Therefore, physical tolerances of the components are also critical. Swiss screw technology is able to meet tighter tolerance requirements due to better support for all stock material during the production process. The part moves while the tooling is stationary. There is less risk of the support material moving resulting in high precision accuracy on even the smallest component.

Varying parameters – Electronic products consist of numerous components, from resistors, capacitors and inductors, to transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, each with different tolerance parameters, sizes, shapes and so forth. Components require efficiency and flexibility in production to meet the different specifications in a timely manner. With up to 6-axis machining capabilities, Swiss screw machines can produce complex, intricate components faster and with outstanding precision.

Material flexibility – Copper, lithium, tin, silver, gold, nickel, and aluminum. Those are just a few of the materials used in the electronics industry. These materials have special characteristics, ranging from superior conductivity to insulating properties, necessary for use in electronic components. Swiss screw machining offers the dimensional control, surface smoothness and other properties required by the many different kinds of electronic components.

For more than 50 years, Sheldon Precision has been a leader in Swiss screw machine technology. As an independent manufacturer, we can produce the most challenging and complex Swiss screw machine products for your electronic components.

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