Power Surge

Forecasts for continued growth in electronics manufacturing drive increased interest in Swiss screw technology.

You only need to look around your home or office to understand why forecasts in the electronic components industry call for steady and continued growth. Smart phones and TVs. Laptops and tablets. The GPS system in your car. New hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). Even your refrigerator.

All these products depend on the ready availability of high-precision and high-reliability electronic components. But as we have seen in many different industries, electronic components are at the top of the list of products affected by supply chain issues. As manufacturers look for alternative supply sources, interest has grown in the advantages of Swiss screw machine technology as a solution. Here are some examples why:

Turnaround times – Product development and innovations in the electronics industry move at lightning speed. The exceptional speed and accuracy of Swiss screw machines can significantly reduce turnaround times on prototypes and production runs of components to help companies keep pace and improve competitiveness.

Superior precision – Smaller and smaller products require component precision unheard of just a couple of decades ago. Swiss screw technology can meet the most exacting tolerances on complex, small components. That’s because Swiss screw machines better support the stock material during production, so the part moves while the tooling is stationary. That means less risk of the support material moving resulting in high precision accuracy.

Material flexibility – From implantable biomedical devices to satellites, the wide variety of products requiring smaller electronic components also means demand for a wide variety of metals and materials. Many components contain metals of gold, chromium, palladium, silver, copper, and high-tech alloys. Swiss screw machining offers the flexibility to meet the requirements of a variety of these materials.

Continuing growth in the electronics field also increases the demand for a high degree of engineering experience and expertise from component suppliers including technical support, quality control, and compliance to OEM requirements. Sheldon Precision is here to help.

Sheldon Precision has long taken pride in producing the highest quality components with Swiss screw machine technology. As an independent manufacturer with a talented and experienced staff, we stand ready to provide the Swiss screw machined parts you need.

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