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The outlook for Swiss Screw precision CNC manufacturing in the year ahead


For U.S. manufacturers and OEMs, the start of the New Year is – to quote Yogi Berra – déjà vu all over again.

The country is still fighting a pandemic and economic uncertainty continues to be the norm. Supply chain woes have prompted many OEMs to make some decisions on how they source the components they need. And that may actually bode well for a revival of sorts for manufacturing in the states as companies seek domestic sources for parts offering efficiency and fast turnaround. 

As 2022 begins to take shape, the timing is right to take a closer look at Swiss screw precision CNC manufacturing. Swiss screw technology offers several advantages to boost productivity, increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time for all kinds of manufactured components. Producers utilizing this technology can help OEMs –  in industries from aerospace and medical devices to defense and telecommunications – maintain a more consistent supply chain of high quality components made in the USA.

Swiss screw advantages include:

Enhanced productivity – With exceptional speed and accuracy, Swiss screw technology is a great advantage for manufacturers, offering repeatability and consistency in the production of end-use components as well as fast turnaround for prototypes. Swiss screw machines can also produce long runs of small, complex components faster and more cost-effectively than traditional machines.

Exacting tolerances – Swiss screw technology can meet the most challenging tolerance requirements due to its exceptional stability in the manufacturing process. Swiss screw machines better support the stock material during production so the part moves while the tooling is stationary. There is less risk of the support material moving resulting in high precision accuracy even on small components. 

Complex parts – With up to 6-axis machining capabilities, Swiss screw machines can produce complex, intricate parts faster and with extraordinary precision. In the 6-axis technology, an additional rotation around the Z axis results in faster cut times. The technology offers positioning for component features such as cutting, drilling, and tapping that might otherwise have to be machined separately.

The right materials – Swiss screw machining is ideal for components made of titanium, copper, lithium, tin, silver, gold, nickel, and other high tech alloys.

Sheldon Precision has long taken pride in producing the highest quality components with Swiss screw machine technology. As an independent manufacturer with a talented and experienced staff, we stand ready to provide the Swiss screw machined parts you need.

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