Precision Swiss Screw Machined Components are Critical in the Electronics Industry



Parts and components manufactured using Swiss screw machinery are found in a wide variety of industries. Today, the electronics industry relies heavily on precision Swiss screw machined components as technology continues to develop. As devices continue to become smaller and smaller, critical internal components must also become more compact and precise. Swiss screw machinery is the most reliable and accurate way to manufacture these parts.

Large companies like Apple and small local companies are able to create innovative products that fit in the palm of your hand and improve productivity because of the precise components inside. Connectors, screw and additional parts that become systems in circuit boards are just a few examples of precision Swiss screw machined components.

Many may find it easy to overlook the impact that Swiss screw machinery has in our lives, yet all we have to do is look at our smartphone or tablet or computer to see just how important this is to our everyday life. 

At Sheldon Precision we use our passion for innovation and Swiss screw machinery to manufacture a wide variety of components for electronic, telecommunications and wireless advancements. Our combination of engineering and manufacturing skills allow us to innovate and collaborate on projects from prototyping to full-scale production.

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