Prescription for Precision

Swiss Screw Machining can be a Game-Changer for Healthcare and Medical Devices

Swiss Screw Machines Medical

Modern healthcare and the medical device innovations that follow continue to advance at an incredible pace. Today, telemedicine and digital health programs are more popular than ever. So are the innovations that enable personalized medical care outside of hospitals and doctor’s offices. Pacemakers and implantable units continue to get smaller. Meanwhile, technology such as robotics take healthcare to new levels unheard of just a couple of decades ago.

Medical device manufacturers are keeping pace with innovations requiring new components of exacting precision and tight tolerances. And many are prescribing Swiss screw technology to create those components. Reasons why include:

Operating efficiency – Swiss screw machining keeps pace with medical innovations including more complex part geometries, faster production requirements, and unquestionable quality. The technology meets requirements of both research and development as well as high-volume production, so manufacturers can quickly turnaround prototypes to the full production of components.

Surgical precision – Manufacturers can count on the superior precision Swiss screw machines. That’s because the Swiss screw machine better supports the stock material during production, so the part moves while the tooling is stationary. There is less risk of the support material moving resulting in high precision accuracy even on small components.

Vital materials – Many medical devices demand high strength, high reliability materials such as titanium. Other materials such as alloy, cobalt chromium and nickel can be very difficult to machine. Swiss technology can be equipped with the right tooling, and can accommodate the feed rates and speeds, for the stability, rigidity, and precision these materials require.

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