As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered company, Sheldon Precision is continuously improving the quality process. Every employee is involved in quality and lives and breathes it every day on the job. This fierce commitment to quality is how we deliver precisely what you need every time.


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Our advanced quality system combines control plan methodology and statistical process control with the use of:

  • Automated Gauging

  • Laser Inspection

  • In-Line laser Micrometers

  • Automated Sorting Systems

  • Automated Inspection Systems





We are committed to exceed customer requirements by continuously improving the effectiveness of our organization.



Sheldon Precision Company is committed to a clean and healthy environment. We believe that a sound Environmental Policy increases our company’s strength and benefits our customers, shareholders and employees.

Sheldon Precision is committed to explore new and innovative processes to achieve continuous quality improvement in all areas of environmental concern. We will:

  • Maintain and utilize a formal quality system meeting all ISO 14001 requirements.

  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations.

  • Work continuously to improve the effectiveness of our environmental management.

  • Provide appropriate environmental training and educate our employees to be environmentally responsible.

  • Reuse and recycle whenever possible.

  • Prevent pollution whenever possible.

  • Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company.