Surrounded by Swiss Screw Machining Parts in Smartphones, Tablets and other High Tech Devices

We are surrounded by machines, their sole purpose: make our lives easier.

From the phones we us to stay connected to the vehicles we drive, there is a long list of devices we use daily that feature Swiss Screw machined parts. While attention to detail serves a critical role, ultra precise Swiss screw parts address the current shift in technology which focuses on more powerful and compact devices.

The volume of these required parts can reach millions (last quarter Apple sold 45 million iPhones), and with Swiss CNC machines, efficient, high-quality products can be manufactured to meet large demands. Swiss Screw Swiss CNC machines machining shops like Sheldon Precision, can meet the demands and quality needed for technologically advanced compact devices.

While Swiss Screw Machining originated in Switzerland in the late 1800’s for the manufacturing of precision parts for the Swiss watch industry, it has evolved into a precision machining technology that produces critical parts and components for many industries and applications that we rely on each day.

Manufacturing a wide range of parts, regardless of industry, ushers in Sheldon Precision’s ability and experience to manufacture components from a wide range of materials to produce parts for the machines that ultimately make our lives easier.