Why You Should Swiss Machine Your Plastic Components?

Sheldon Precision understands that the integrity of a precise machined part begins with using high quality materials. When using Swiss machines more material options are available to manufacture than in injection molding. Not only can Swiss machines manufacturer aluminum, copper, and steel, they also can manufacture plastic components as well.

CNC Swiss machines work with the right tooling speeds to overcome temperature restrictions experienced when working with thermoplastics or thermosetting polymers. At Sheldon Precision, we specialize in machining any material suitable for CNC Swiss machines. The elasticity of our CNC Swiss machines allows you to choose any material for your next design. We are able to manufacture plastic components with accuracy and optical clarity.

CNC Swiss machines can reach ultra-high tolerance, down to 0.0002” which is implausible for injection molding processes. Set up and tooling costs are more cost-effective than mold development for short to medium runs. This is very helpful for companies who rely on just-in-time shipping, that need to oversee their supply chain at a very granular level. Swiss machines are able to control fluctuating production volumes when inventory is not wanted. Swiss machining is the most efficient choice when working with small complex components.

A major problem when working with injection molding is it can leave weld lines, parting lines, gate markers, and ejector pin marks. This problem requires additional maintenance to complete the part. However, CNC Swiss machining does not require any post fabrication finishing because it does not leave unwanted marks. This feature in CNC Swiss machining can dramatically decrease the cost-per-part. In addition, infusing molten plastic in the small gaps of a mold might be close to impossible because there is no correct balance of material temperature and injection pressure to eliminate the resistance to the plastic flow.

At Sheldon Precision, we manufacture plastic parts for a variety of industries such as medical, dental, electronics, and military. With our experience in fabrication and design, we can help you determine the best plastic material for your part.