Swiss Screw Machining: Controls and Valves Industry

Valve components possess the power to redirect and high amounts of pressure. Valves are a vital component in many machines used today and we have the skill to manufacture valve component parts such as probes, flanges and enclosures.

Sheldon Precision has the experience and expertise to manufacture a wide range of complex components required for the controls and valves industry.

Like our varying component production volumes, we have the capability to produce parts from 0.15” to 1.125 in diameter with the ability to hold tolerances of approximately .0002”.

In addition to our quality components, we have the ability and the experience to manufacture components from a wide range of materials. Our expertise and stringent quality inspection standards ensure the highest quality components can be produced using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium.

At Sheldon Precision, Swiss screw machining equips us with the power to manufacture volumes that reach 10 million parts, without compromising the quality and integrity of control and valve components.

From minute to large, complex assemblies, our skilled engineers and machinists have the ability and equipment to manufacture precisely what you need with the highest quality standards.