Swiss Screw Machining in the Medical Industry

Medical Industry Swiss Screw Machining

Medical Industry

In the medical industry doctors must complete surgeries and diagnose patients with unparalleled precision – and with the recent technological advances in the medical field, doctors now possess powerful machines which help treat, cure and save lives.

Some of the most complex, yet important, machinery being used today is medically focused. Machining devices for the medical field require the highest quality in order to treat and save lives.

As with the medical industry, swiss screw machining requires detail and effort that is achieved by professionals who are experienced and knowledgable in the field.

Important machines such as the pacemaker, hearing aids and implants, must be manufactured to exact specifications to ensure the safety for the operators using the medical equipment, and the individuals who rely on the medical equipment.

Minute components have large roles in the overall effectiveness of the medical equipment and device. At Sheldon Precision our knowledgeable workforce produces precision parts from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of ± .0002″.

Swiss screw machining continues to grow in importance for the medical industry as patients need custom parts that can only be manufactured through swiss screw machining. With the capacity to manufacture components at this scale, our swiss screw machines enable medical devices to work properly, ultimately saving lives.

Our ability to manufacture precision parts to precise specification, coupled with superior quality control has set Sheldon Precision apart from competition within the medical industry.