Swiss Screw Machining Supporting the Medical Industry

To put things into perspective, Swiss Screw machining is present each time we visit a doctor’s office or hospital.  During emergency and non-emergency situations, there are a long list of machines, manufactured with Swiss Screw machined parts, that are designed to save lives.

Swiss Screw Machines MedicalIn dire situations, patients may encounter ventilators, respirators, and the valves that operate within them. When time is crucial and there is no room for error, Swiss Screw machined parts manufactured for life-saving machines are reliable, accurate and strong. Swiss Screw machine shops such as ours have the ability and expertise to manufacture a wide range of materials, including, but not limited to: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, and titanium.

Medical tools, bone screws, and implants are manufactured from these metals and the accuracy of CNC and cam driven Swiss Screw machines produce the vitals parts without compromise.

Additionally, parts for dental work and surgery ranging from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter can be manufactured at high quantities and hold tolerances of ±0.0002. Producing parts at this scale means every employee must be involved in quality control. The combination of Automated gauging, laser inspection and automated inspection systems make sure the parts are manufactured to their dimensions quickly and efficiently as well.

As medicine evolves, Swiss Screw machining will be alongside innovative life-saving machines in the medical industry.