Team Quality

Swiss screw technology and quality control specialists pursue perfection on every job.

Medical Industry

First, Swiss screw machining delivers superior precision for critical components due to the exceptional stability of the bar stock in the Swiss screw manufacturing process.  Next, a state-of-the-art quality control department inspects the finished components in a rigorous process combining best practices and advanced equipment. 

That’s how manufacturers such as Sheldon Precision are meeting the strictest quality standards in industries from aerospace and defense to telecommunications and medical products. 

How it’s done right at Sheldon.

As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered company, Sheldon Precision has a rigorous quality process that involves every employee, from the production line to the QC department. It is part of our company culture with a common goal of zero errors and a shared pride in an outstanding track record in quality.

The technology.

We combine control plan methodology and statistical process control with advanced equipment including:

  • Automated gauging
  • Laser inspection
  • On-Line Laser Micrometers
  • Automated Inspection Systems

The experience.

Our staff has years of experience in not only in Swiss screw machining but also with the type of quality control demanded by today’s high-tech manufacturers. They understand the statistical tools and sophisticated software used to monitor quality and generate data required by the customer. Best of all, they are passionate about what they do.

For more information on how our Swiss screw machining expertise and superior quality processes can help with your specific applications, contact Sheldon Precision today.