The Quality Quotient

The Quality Quotient

When Swiss screw quality goes in, customer product quality stands out.

Swiss screw machining and continuous quality measures go hand in hand as the technology delivers superior precision for critical parts and components. Industries from aerospace and medical to automotive and electronics count on Swiss screw accuracy and reliability as part of strict quality processes. Even the most challenging and complex machined parts with exacting tolerances benefit from the exceptional stability of the bar stock in the Swiss screw manufacturing process.

Quality without question.

As an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 registered company, Sheldon Precision meets the strict quality standards of customers in every industry. On top producing components with precision Swiss screw technology, Sheldon has a rigorous quality process that involves every employee.

We combine control plan methodology and statistical process control with advanced equipment including:

  • Automated gauging
  • Laser inspection
  • On-Line Laser Micrometers
  • Automated Inspection Systems

Perhaps the most important component of Sheldon Precision’s quality program is our people. Our associates apply their skills, experience and expertise with a fierce commitment to quality on every part, every day on the production floor.

Sheldon Precision has long taken pride in producing the highest quality components with Swiss screw machine technology. As an independent manufacturer with a talented and experienced staff, we stand ready to provide the Swiss screw machined parts you need.

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