Uses for Swiss Screw Machined Components in the Medical Industry

In order to complete intricate surgeries and diagnose patients with complex health complications, the medical industry relies heavily on advanced technology. Each day, just as there are constant discoveries in the medical field, technological advancements in medical devices allow doctors and surgeons to continue to push boundaries in their specialties and provide a higher level of medical care.

When it comes to creating advanced medical technologies and devices, precision Swiss screw machined components play a critical role. The ability to manufacture components to the precise specifications and with superior quality control and in a variety of materials relies not only on advanced machinery, but also an experienced workforce. At Sheldon Precision, our team of knowledgeable engineers and machinist are able to produce precision parts from .015″ to 1.125″ in diameter, with the ability to hold tolerances of ± .0002″.

Some of the most common devices that utilize components manufactured in our Swiss screw machine plant include:

Orthopedic Devices
Diagnostic equipment
Minimally Invasive Surgical Equipment
Dental Implants & Equipment
Wound Care
Cardiology Devices

Swiss screw machined components touch many important applications within the medical industry. Whether you are looking for short-run prototypes for testing or full-scale production of your medical application, contact us [] for a competitive custom quote.