What Does 2021 Hold for Swiss Precision CNC Manufacturing?

2020 was a strange and difficult year for individuals and business.  In precision manufacturing, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on new challenges and resulted in advances in manufacturing. Workforce reductions and restriction have placed greater emphasis on computer-aided manufacturing and automation.  While some aspects of precision manufacturing such as planning, engineering and programming can carry on remotely, Swiss screw machine manufacturing must occur at the facilities like Sheldon Precision where the battery of Swiss screw machines (single spindle Swiss screw machines as well CNC Swiss screw machines like Escomatic) are located.

Skilled CNC machine operators  and CNC programmers are still in demand and as the economy in North American and around the world starts on the path to recovery. manufacturing will rise. Manufactures like Sheldon Precision are leveraging automation, machines, computer software and skilled operators and engineers to maintain quality and output.

What advances and trends are expected in 2021? Here are four CNC trends to watch for next year.

  1. Manufacturing as a service will continue to gain popularity 

Manufacturing as a service (MaaS) has found its way into the CNC industry over the last few years and its popularity will only increase moving forward.  MaaS uses networked resources to accomplish manufacturing tasks.  CNC machines are located in a central location and the cost of maintenance and operation is spread across subscribers.  MaaS gives companies added agility, productivity and cost savings through reduced labor expenses.  Since there has been a large fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, companies will start to embrace a new network of supply chains by using MaaS.  

2.   The IIOT will dominate emerging technology 

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) allows networked CNC machines to communicate with one another without needing a human operator behind the scenes.  IoT has recently become  part of the CNC machining industry.  By using IIoT, companies can make manufacturing quicker, safer and produce higher quality products.  The level of process automation in 2021 will rise greatly due to the manufacturing industry trying to find new ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste.  

3.   The Use of 6-axis Machining will expand rapidly 

The 6-axis CNC milling machine first came on to the scene in 2019.  For many years before this machine was released, the 3-axis machine was the machine everyone chose to use.  Recently, the 5-axis machine has become popular due to the seamless rotations around the X and Y axes.  Now, the 6-axis allows an additional rotation around the Z axis leading to faster cut times.  

4.  An increased focus on waste product reduction 

Raw materials have been a precious resources for manufacturing and in 2021 there will be increased attention to wise materials usage.  One new strategy is to create scale models of components using 3D printing methods rather than trial and error design on CNC equipment.  

Sheldon Precision continues to focus on quality and continuous improvement in our manufacturing resources and process. As new machines and technology in precision Swiss manufacturing emerge, Sheldon Precision will leverage these resources for customers in all industries including medical device component manufacturing, defense systems component manufacturing and many others.  Contact us today for your custom quote https://sheldonprecision.com/request-a-quote/

Article includes information adapted from: https://www.sciencetimes.com/articles/27410/20200922/predicting-2021-trends-in-the-cnc-machining-industry.htm